Meeting Bishop Briggs!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that one of my absolute favorite musical artists is Bishop Briggs! I have some wonderful and supportive friends who were willing to road trip with me to New York to see her  at a record store, Rough Trade on Tuesday, March 27. Yes, this was my... Continue Reading →


Blank 2018 Bookshelf – Free A5 Printable!

While I don't always advertise it on here, I absolutely love to journal and plan. It's so relaxing planning out your weeks and crossing items off! One of my favorite things is finding fun new printables for my Travelers Notebook (TN) and A5 planner. I recently purchased "book planner" printables for both my journals, and... Continue Reading →

Making a TBR Jar

I've had a major problem recently making decisions on what to read next, even though I have a million unread books that I need to get through. I decided to repurpose a candle that I have that was almost completely burned, although you can use a mason jar or any other type of container. This... Continue Reading →

Bookcon 2017!

I had such a wonderful day at my first ever Bookcon! Even though I was only able to go for one day, the experience that I had was amazing and I was able to meet some of my favorite authors! My friends Maggie and Jess and I went cosplayed as the Archeron sisters from the... Continue Reading →

Coming soon to…BOOKCON!

With the end of Junior year (I still can't believe I'm a Senior D:) my focus has now shifted to the AMAZING things that I have planned for the next month! In two weeks I'll be shipping up to Boston for Maggie's (@ Massachusetts Novel) graduation party. The week after that I'll be going to... Continue Reading →

Meeting Sarah J. Maas! (Again)

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Sarah J. Maas again at a book signing in Baltimore with Maggie from Massachusetts Novel. As always, she was a lovely and amazing human being, and I am so lucky to have met her four times now! Some of my favorites from the Q&A session that occurred before... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Adventures!

Sorry for the long delay in posting! The end of the semester got very hectic with all of the bracelet orders, and getting ready for my month abroad! I absolutely love New Zealand, and now that the month is coming to a close I figured I should do a brief post about why experiences. The... Continue Reading →

2016 Reflection

A lot of things have happened this year, and despite the deaths of numerous favorite celebrities, this year has been a good one. From Pokemon Go, to the discovery of the music from Hamilton, this year has been a whirlwind of experiences. I have made so many new friends, and grown closer to old ones.... Continue Reading →

Literary Adventures

Yesterday, I was able to go on an adventure with another Third of The Archeron Sister's Book Club, Maggie from MassachusettsNovel. We drove a little over a half hour away from our college town into West Grove Pennsylvania to visit a Book Barn run by the Lion's Club. It was gorgeous inside, with books stacked in... Continue Reading →

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