Review System

What does that mean!?

A quick guide to my five star review system:

✪       THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING.  These books are the ones that I find myself wanting to go back to a day after I finish and fantasizing over possible conclusions and character developments. Very highly recommended.

          I LOVED THIS BOOK. It may have not delivered that extra zing that the five star books do, but will no doubt keep me up reading at night when I really should be studying. Highly recommended.

✪             This book was really interesting. Maybe the concept wasn’t as fully developed or the writing just didn’t connect with me, but these are still great books. Recommended.

✪                It was on okay book. I probably put this book down to finish others I found more interesting. Either the storyline really didn’t connect, or I found the writing style distracting. Slightly recommended.

✪                   I didn’t like this book. I did not finish this book. The storyline did not interest me or was poorly put together and found the writing distracting as well. I wouldn’t recommend this book.