Bracelet Care Instructions

To make sure that you get the best product possible, and to ensure longevity of your new bracelet,  here is some information on jewelry care.


Make sure it stays clean!

  • Whenever you notice the copper getting dingy (this can depend on how often you wear it), prepare a mixture of warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Using a soft rag, wipe the copper clean, then rinse with clean water and dry it off.

Keep it polished!

  • If you notice tarnishing on your copper piece, prepare a small cup of lemon juice with a dash of salt, and swirl the copper around. You may have to scrub with a toothbrush or soft cloth to get the best results. After rinsing with warm water, ensure the bracelet is completely dry before putting it back on.
  • Rubbing with a jewelry cloth will also reduce tarnishing
  • DO NOT USE SILVER POLISH: it is abrasive and can scratch the copper



Clean it up!

  • Aluminum is a very easy metal to care for. If it ever becomes dirty, it can we washed with dish soap and water. Make sure to pat dry so that scratches don’t appear!

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