RunDisney: Prepping for my first half marathon

Around two months ago I made the decision to start training to run a half marathon. My decision was based off of a lot of factors – a wish to be more fit now that sedentary office life is starting to take a toll, and the fact a lot of my friends had decided to start training towards the same goal being the main influences.

To help motivate myself, I chose a race date before starting my training so I had a definitive goal to train for (and couldn’t push anything off!). This initial research into the running world was how I stumbled upon all of the RunDisney races! I decided upon registering for the Disney Princess Half Marathon because Disney Princesses have been such a large part of my life. The participants for this race are mainly other women, and I’m so excited to run with my fellow princesses! I’m also excited to experience Florida in February and hopefully escape the cold of a Delaware winter.

This of course means that I have to plan a Disney vacation around my race day! Originally, I was going to go by myself but my wonderful and supportive family decided to make a trip of it and we are now venturing to the land of magic for five days. The race day is the second to last day of our trip so I’m curious how navigating the exhaustion and diet of an amusement park is going to be with the running goal in mind.

Now going into this training, I was and am by no means an experienced runner. Most of my running experience comes from sports played in high school (which I haven’t played competitively in about 6 years) and short runs in gyms. As I said earlier, I feel that my job has been taking a toll on my fitness because I’m not outside exercising as much as I was in college, so forcing myself to stick to a plan was necessary.

There are two different running plans that I decided upon trying in case anyone else wants to try to follow one themselves! RunnersWorld is for people who can already complete a “long mile” run of 6 miles, which was about my fitness at the start of the run. However, the specific mileage goal each week was hard for me to reach with a busy work in social schedule. For this reason, I’ve switched to using the RunDisney training plan!

The RunDisney plan is a bit more lax than the RunnersWorld with time goals for runs during the week and a distance goal for the weekends. I also like the explanation of run/walk division for long races (I’m a huge fan of my mid-run walks). There are different training plans based on distance and experience level on THIS page if you want to check other options out.

I’m planning on keeping this blog updated on my journey so stay tuned!

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