Review: The Queen’s Rising

The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross35098412

Series: The Queen’s Rising #1

Published: February 6, 2018

Rating: ★★★★ (4 Stars)


When her seventeenth summer solstice arrives, Brienna desires only two things: to master her passion and to be chosen by a patron.

Growing up in the southern Kingdom of Valenia at the renowned Magnalia House should have prepared her for such a life. While some are born with an innate talent for one of the five passions—art, music, dramatics, wit, and knowledge—Brienna struggled to find hers until she belatedly chose to study knowledge. However, despite all her preparations, Brienna’s greatest fear comes true—the solstice does not go according to plan and she is left without a patron.

Months later, her life takes an unexpected turn when a disgraced lord offers her patronage. Suspicious of his intent, and with no other choices, she accepts. But there is much more to his story, and Brienna soon discovers that he has sought her out for his own vengeful gain. For there is a dangerous plot being planned to overthrow the king of Maevana—the archrival kingdom of Valenia—and restore the rightful queen, and her magic, to the northern throne. And others are involved—some closer to Brienna than she realizes.

With war brewing between the two lands, Brienna must choose whose side she will remain loyal to—passion or blood. Because a queen is destined to rise and lead the battle to reclaim the crown. The ultimate decision Brienna must determine is: Who will be that queen?

Brienna was a lover of books and knowledge that I was able to relate to. Even though she wasn’t “naturally” gifted at any of the passions, she worked hard to learn everything she could in the time she was given. Her hard work and perseverance remained even when faced with insurmountable odds.

I love some slowburn romance, and this book delivers on that with the relationship between Brienna and her Master, Cartier. And when I say slowburn, I mean SLOW. In fact, there could have been just a little more romance because after that ending I’m left in AGONY.

This book reads a lot like a standalone. I even checked to see if it was a series halfway through because of the way everything was wrapping up! There really wasn’t anything that wasn’t tied up neatly at the end of The Queen’s Rising, which makes me wonder where the story will go in future installments. There were a few points where I found myself rolling my eyes at plot points (after reading Northanger Abbey, secret passageways will forever make me chuckle), but these parts didn’t really take away from my enjoyment.

This book would have been a lot more enjoyable for me if the major plot twists hadn’t been spoiled by the lineage charts in the beginning. The entire book, the main character wonders about who her father is (the “secret” is revealed like the BIG shock of the book) but the answer is available right in the front for anyone who looks! There are other reveals that can be easily figured out by looking at these charts as well, so I was kind of sad there weren’t any twists I didn’t know. That being said, I will definitely be checking out the next book in the series to see how Brienna is doing!