Reading Goals for the New Year

A new year, a new set of goals (its largely the same me though). Last year, I tried to focus my TBR for the 2019 Beat the Backlist challenge. Of the books that I put on my “official” TBR, I finished a resounding one – the second book in the Fallen Kingdoms series to be exact. However, I’m not sure I would count that one as a win considering I had the entire series on my TBR. In 2018, I tried to read a classic a month which was a challenge that I truly enjoyed. So the question is, what should I focus on in 2020?

I’ve thought up some goals for myself and some challenges that I’m interested in trying (although I’m not sure how many I will stick to throughout the year) and wanted to share my findings here! Those that are external challenges contain links back to the page. By the way I have no official affiliation other than as an eager participant!

1. Mountain Reads of 2020 (personal goal) – I have a lot of super long books resting on my TBR that just seem too intimidating to start. One of the goals I want to work towards is knocking some of these books off my list. I’m aiming for 6 for the year, which will give me about 2 months to finish each of them. Some of these picks might include: War and Peace, The Priory of the Orange Tree, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

2. Beat the Backlist 2020NovelKnight does such a wonderful job providing resources and a fun challenge for the year. I’ll be participating in this one again because I feel that it helped me attempt to focus on some of the hundreds (unfortunately not an exaggeration) of books sitting on my shelves unread. There are also some #bookstagram prompts each month!

3. #Romanceopoly – This is a challenge that I haven’t participated in before, but I found out about it from instagram posts and it sounds super fun. Romanceopoly is hosted by Under the Covers Book Blog and Peace Love Books and has lots of events and ways to keep romance readers interested. Who wouldn’t want to combine your TBR with a boardgame?! There are readathons, mystery challenges, and more! The 2020 info is now out so check out the link for awesome printables and other fun things!

4. 2020 Classics Challenge (personal goal) – I really enjoyed focusing on reading classics two years ago, so I figure I will bring this mini challenge back for 2020 while making it a bit more lax. I’m hoping to read 6 “classic” books this year on top of all the romance, and mountain reads, and backlist books! Some of these may overlap with my mountain reads, and some may not. Some I’m hoping to get to are: The Count of Monte Christo, Crime and Punishment and 1984.

5. Goodreads Challenge – The ever present challenge that is just a number of books to read in a year. Because I’m hoping to tackle so many big books and I don’t want to put any undue stress on myself, I’m bumping my yearly total down to 50 books. Two years ago I was able to read 100 because of all my free time while wrapping up college, but times a change and unfortunately my reading has decreased along with my free time.

What challenges are you setting for yourself and/or participating in the new year?