Why Do You Buy Books? Make Every Copy Count

Why do I buy books? The answer to this question seems obvious. Because I love them! Because books have changed my life and make every day more enjoyable (or stressful depending on the scene). But in this world where it seems each big new release has three different exclusive editions, the rush to catch collect them all can cost a lot of money.

My most recent experience of this was purchasing of three different editions of Kingdom of Ash – Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million editions (for the ease of reading in the former and exclusive fanart in the latter two). After trying to reorganize my shelves to find some nonexistent space for these stunning books, I questioned why I felt the need collect multiples in the first place?

Recently someone I follow on Instagram shared that they check out library copies of books they own so they don’t crack the spines of their personal copies (something I’ll admit I’ve done in the past as well). Another person confessed to spilling coffee over a stack of books while trying to take a picture. They declared that they were okay with it because it just makes them one of a kind – and they can do what they want with THEIR books!

I’ll admit to being more in the previous category for at least the last three years – coinciding with my start in the bookstagram community – but my lack of shelf space has made me reconsider my “collector” mentality. Going through the stacks of books under my bed, I found multiple extra copies of books. There were two or three editions of some books I haven’t even read!

Looking at these different copies and editions made me wonder: Which copy means more, the one with the pretty cover, or the one where I experienced the story for the first time? The nostalgia of picking up an original copy of a childhood favorite means more to me than owning all the newly released covers. While I treasure my signed copies I know that I will never sell many of them, so does a dent in the cover from toting it around really matter? An inked on signature in a favorite book doesn’t make it more fragile than any others and why do I own it if I’m not going to read it?!

I’ve decided to make a resolution for myself: make every copy count.

No more buying copies of books that aren’t favorites or continue to remain unread on my shelves, especially if the purchase is for aesthetics or having a “reading copy.”

In the end books are ink on pages making shapes that can create worlds. I spend my hard-earned money on them and I can do whatever I want with my purchases! And yes, that can also mean standing on them for pictures and cracking spines to make reading more easy. These things don’t devalue the books in my eyes – they make them well-loved. This doesn’t mean I will stop buying special editions of my special favorites, but hopefully I’ll see a decrease in multiple copies for books I don’t really care about.

While I wrote this post to help me work out my feelings on what books mean to me, everyone has their own feelings on this topic! I hope this post helps you think about what books mean to you! Feel free to drop your own thoughts in the comments.

Heading to BookCon 2018! Some Tips and Tricks

This year, I’m heading back to BookCon! Last year, I was only able to go to one day, so I’m excited to be able to attend the full weekend this year. Here are some tips and other things I learned from last year that I’ll pass on to you guys!

  1. Choose Your Experience

There is so much going on that it is inevitable that you will miss something you’d like to attend. It’s important before you go to figure out what you want to get from the convention. I personally like to prioritize author meetings and autographs and spend virtually all my time waiting in line for these events. I know others who spend their entire day trying to get as many free ARCs and other goodies. It all depends on what you’d like to do!

      2. Plan Out Your Day

By now, hopefully you’ve already got signing tickets! (In mid-May, tickets for the official signing area became available and the popular authors always go super quick!) Even if you’re a spur-of-the-moment kind of person, I’d recommend picking out some events or in-booth signings you’d like to attend throughout the day–and some back-ups too Popular panels WILL fill up, and ARC drops for popular titles WILL be absolutely insane. Events for each day can be searched on the BookCon website. It’s important to check out the rules as well, because some events require ticketing given out in the weeks before or in the morning the day of.

3. Stalk Social Media!

A lot of times publishers will post on twitter about last minute ARC drops, or possible author signings that may not be on the official schedule. Authors will sometimes post about where they are wandering the show floor if you’d like to go say hello.

     4. Refuel and Stay Comfy

It’s very easy to get caught up in all of the excitement, but don’t forget to eat and drink. If you’re feeling worn down, don’t be afraid to find somewhere to sit down, I promise that there will be other people scattered on the floor  (though try not to be a fire hazard!). On that note, it’s important to wear comfy footwear and clothes because you’ll be walking around all day.

       5. Have Fun!

Even if you don’t get to do everything that you wanted to, enjoy the experience of being surrounded by other book lovers! And don’t forget to say hello if you see me there, I’m going with a few other crazy friends and we will be cosplaying as Schwab characters and Star Wars characters respectively on the two days.

New Zealand Adventures!

Sorry for the long delay in posting! The end of the semester got very hectic with all of the bracelet orders, and getting ready for my month abroad! I absolutely love New Zealand, and now that the month is coming to a close I figured I should do a brief post about why experiences.

The group was fortunate to visit different marine reserves throughout New Zealand. We snorkeled at the first declared marine reserve, Goat Island, and saw an amazing variety of wildlife (unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!).

We were also able to see a cultural performance by the Maori people at both the Waitangi Treaty grounds and the village Whakarewarewa. We actually got to sleep inside of a Marae in the village, which was a wonderful experience.

Of course, there was studying included also, as we explored rocky intertidal habitats and learned about the volcanic rock that New Zealand is founded on. While this was learning, we got to do it in some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. We visited Cathedral Cove, which is where the opening Narnia scene in Prince Caspian was filled, and just so happens to be a great example of sea arches and sea stacks. We also got to go to White Island, which is an active volcano (and also the site of some Narnia scenes). There were so many other gorgeous s

But out of all of these great experiences, perhaps the most important one was I GOT TO GO TO HOBBITON!!! That’s right I fulfilled my lifelong dream of visiting the land of the hobbits, and even found this cool ring as a souvenir ;).

Had the best month of my life! I am very excited about reopening my shop though! I missed making bracelets while I was away, so stick around for the reopening Sunday (there may be a little sale going on if you follow me on the blog or insta ;))

Thanks for reading!


Literary Adventures

Yesterday, I was able to go on an adventure with another Third of The Archeron Sister’s Book Club, Maggie from MassachusettsNovelWe drove a little over a half hour away from our college town into West Grove Pennsylvania to visit a Book Barn run by the Lion’s Club. It was gorgeous inside, with books stacked in makeshift cardboard shelves all throughout the barn.

There was also an adorable barn cat Tom who would walk up to everyone begging to be pet. Outside, we found some hay bales to pose next to, and the turning leaves provided a gorgeous backdrop to our fall day adventure.

Overall a decent hall, with some books that I have already read and loved, and some new ones by some of my favorite authors! Definitely Recommend Lisa Kleypas and J. R. Ward!

As always, thank you for reading! If you wanna learn more about my book club, check out THIS LINK.