Review: Wolf-Speaker

Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce7123950

Series: Immortals #2

Published: January 1, 1993

Rating:★★★★ (4 Stars)


When Daine is summoned by the wolf pack that saved her life a year earlier, she knows she has to go. She and Numair travel to Dunlath Valley to answer the call. But when they arrive, Daine realizes with a shock that it’s not just the animals whose lives are threatened; people are in danger too. Dunlath’s rulers have discovered black opals in their valley and are dead set on mining the magic these stones embody. Daine learns that Dunlath’s lord and lady plan to use this power to overthrow King Jonathan — even if it means irreversibly damaging the land and killing their workers.

On a mission to save both her animal friends and her human ones, Daine has to master her wild magic in order to fight for the kingdom and triumph over the would-be usurpers.

I didn’t enjoy Book 2 in the Immortals series as much as I enjoyed Book 1, although in general Pierce’s writing is un-put-downable. There was a lot less action in Wolf-Speaker than in Wild Magic (review HERE), with more of the focus being on family structure and Daine discovering more about her powers.

I missed having Numair around interacting with Daine; however, his absence meant there was more focus on Daine’s personal growth. She was able to learn more about her animal control powers as well as shape shifting, which are things her mentor likely couldn’t have taught her much about anyway. These powers open up so much opportunity for what she can do in the future!

Wolves are some of my favorite animals, so exploring the pack structure from a “wolf’s” point of view was intriguing. With the level of detail, it was obvious that Pierce did her research on the topic. Even though Daine entering the minds of different animals was interesting, I’m excited for her to return to human civilization and use her powers to influence Tortallan history! I’ll definitely be picking up Book 3, The Emperor Mage, very soon.