Coming soon to…BOOKCON!

With the end of Junior year (I still can’t believe I’m a Senior D:) my focus has now shifted to the AMAZING things that I have planned for the next month! In two weeks I’ll be shipping up to Boston for Maggie’s (@ Massachusetts Novel) graduation party. The week after that I’ll be going to Firefly Music Festival (and indulging in my Bishop Briggs obsession). But the thing I’m most excited for: for the first time ever, in just 7 days, I’ll be headed to BOOKCON!!!!!!!


Bookcon has been a dream of mine ever since I first learned of it’s existence. I’m so blessed to be gifted with awesome friends who will be attending with me (love you Maggie and Jess) and who are fellow super fans that will cosplay! That’s right, we will be showing up on the show floor Sunday as none other than The Archeron Sisters from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. (Check back later this week to see a brief overview of my costume (which will hopefully turn out alright).)

I’m unfortunately only able to go on Sunday, so I’ll be missing some of my favorite authors–Laini Taylor, Susan Dennard and Rainbow Rowell. Hopefully my friends will be able to get some books signed for me!!! I was also super lucky in being able to snag autograph line tickets for both Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare! Bookcon did something different this year and made ticketing online to try and stop people from lining up at the door at 5AM. I’m super glad they implemented this, because I won’t be getting into the city until 8AM on Sunday and wouldn’t have been able to get the signings I wanted. This way, even those coming from out of town are able to get into signings! The big authors did sell out of tickets super fast though, with Maas and Clare running out probably within the first two minutes.

I never in my wildest dreams EVER thought I would be able to meet Cassandra Clare. Ever since I started reading The Mortal Instruments in middle school, Clare has been equated with greats like Rowling in my mind. Far away dreams of in-person fangirling that will likely never come to fruition. I’m still in shock that I will be seeing her in under a week, and having her sign one of my books!!!!!!!


(Sidenote: The only reason Maas isn’t up there in the “far away dreams” category is because I was lucky enough to become obsessed early on, before there was enough people to cap signings. If you’d like to see a summary from Maas’ Q&A in Baltimore during her latest signing tour #ACOTOUR, click HERE)

I’ll keep you guys posted, both on my Elain Archeron outfit and my experiences at Bookcon. A summary post of my experiences should be up the day after. Check my twitter out on Sunday June 4 for an up-to-date feed!

Are any of you guys going to Bookcon? If you’ve gone in the past, do you have any advice?

Thanks for reading!


Meeting Sarah J. Maas! (Again)

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Sarah J. Maas again at a book signing in Baltimore with Maggie from Massachusetts Novel. As always, she was a lovely and amazing human being, and I am so lucky to have met her four times now!

Some of my favorites from the Q&A session that occurred before the signing and was moderated by Stephanie Brown from No B.S. Book Reviews I summarized below. Because of the fact I was taking hand notes (and no videos were allowed) most are summaries of answers. Any direct quotes I’ve written in bold and clearly marked.

Q: What court are you in?

Sarah: The Night Court. I hate the sun, and burn very easily. I also couldn’t be in the summer court because I sweat very easily.

Q: What Harry Potter house are you in?

Sarah: Christine Riccio placed me in a house using Pottermore last year during a signing. (See the video HERE around 15:03). I always believed I was a Gryffindor, but I’m actually a Hufflepuff!  I was very distraught until I found out that the Hufflepuff common room is right next to the kitchen. Just think of all the stairs the Gryffindor’s have to climb to get a midnight snack.

Q: What would the inner circles Hogwarts Houses be?

Sarah: Cassian would definitely be Gryffindor. Azriel would be Ravenclaw. Sweet Elain would be a Hufflepuff. Nesta would be Slytherin. Amren would be Ravenclaw or Slytherin, although I feel she fits more in the role of the headmaster. Mor would be Gryffindor. Rhys would be a Ravenclaw. Feyre would be a Hufflepuff/Slytherin (like a snake with a pom-pom tail).

Q: Who is the unsung hero of the ACOTAR series?

Sarah: The Suriel.

Q: What is your favorite High Lord Power?

Sarah: No spoilers! I don’t know if it’s a power, but one of the High Lords (Helion) has a city of libraries like the city of Alexandria and I would love to browse through them all day. I’m really into Helion, like in a weird way”.

Q: What was your inspiration for Rhys?

Sarah: I read somewhere that people thought my husband was the inspiration. He doesn’t really represent Rhys other than they are both tall and dark haired. Rhys’ bond with Feyre is inspired by the bond I feel with Josh. It’s because of him that I can only really write about true love, because I have it every day. He takes care of me while I’m in the writing cave, feeding me and making sure I shower.

“Find someone who feeds you.” – Sarah J. Maas

Q: Can same-sex couples be mates? 

Sarah: Yes, and you can see some of that in both series. Don’t want to give anything away, but you may see this in ACOWAR when you read it. It’s also present in the Throne of Glass world. I’m super excited to write more about this, and already have a novel in mind about it.

Q: Some this or that: Is Rhys or Fenrys hotter? Would Cassian or Lorcan win in a fight?

Sarah: This might be cheating, but I think Rhys and Fenrys are equally hot. In any case, I would take them both. In a fight, I feel like neither Cassian or Lorcan would win. I think they would take of their shirts, then get drenched by a sudden downpour. After a bit of fighting, they would get tired and go get beers to talk about their women problems. So in the end we all win.

Q: Would Jamie Fraser (Outlander) and Rhys be friends?

Sarah: Definitely. They would get together and talk about their women problems. And then they would get caught outside in the rain. I feel like in my world there is that gloomy Carebear that drives around a rain cloud and just drenches all the hot men. It’s always a wet t-shirt contest in my mind.

Q: Are you more like Aelin or Feyre?

Sarah: I feel like I’m not like either of them because they are so awesome. All women that I write have a kernel of me in them, though. Out of all the characters, I’m most like Fleetfoot because I enjoy eating, sleeping, and being brushed by hot men.

Q: Do you have any advice for young writers?

Sarah: You have to pursue your dreams and work very hard. If you want to be a writer, you have to treat it as a career and not accept failure. Ever since I was 16, I worked like writing was going to be my career. You need to act seriously and take yourself seriously if you want other people to take you seriously as well. Don’t listen to the haters, and those who say you can’t do it.  Writing and editing and can be very hard.

“The hard is what makes it great…you gotta hustle.” – Sarah J. Maas

Q: Can you tell us anything about the upcoming books in the ACOTAR series?

Sarah: There are a lot of fairytales I would like to explore, although many of these ideas are not at all final. I started writing a story for myself during ACOWAR because I wanted to explore new characters and before I knew it I had 250 pages of a new project. I had dinner with my editor and had a few to many drinks, and ended up pitching her three novels and a few novellas in the world. I can say that each standalone will follow a different romantic pairing, both based after and before ACOWAR. There will possibly be a story about a snow queen, and I really like the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful along with Swan Lake. I’m excited because of how much I love romance series following couples in these same storyline.

Q: What’s your favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender Character?

Sarah: Zuko is definitely my favorite. I sobbed during the series finale. I didn’t really like how the romantic pairings ended up without spoiling the series for you guys.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the upcoming Chaol novel?

Sarah: This book will be a parallel to Empire of Storms, not a sequel. Kind of like “Meanwhile, in the Southern Kingdom…..” I sat down to write the Chaol novella (novellas are normally around 20,000 – 35,000 words) and the first day I wrote 100,000. Within five days, I finished and it was 193,000 words. After all the editing, it’s now just as long as Empire of Storms. Aelin and the gang are not in it, it follows the stories of Chaol, Nesryn, and Yrene Towers who was in The Assassin’s Blade briefly. This is not a book that you can really skip before reading Throne of Glass #7. This is a continuation of the same story that has really important plot points, and you won’t know whats happening in #7 if you don’t read it.

“Some major shit happens.” – Sarah J. Maas

Q: Did anything really inspire you for Tower of Dawn?

This is one of my favorite books, and will always have a special place in my heart, along with Heir of Fire. The Mongolian empire was a huge inspiration for the book. I did a ton of research as background. I’m now Genghis Khan’s #1 fangirl. Genghis Khan literally changed the history of the world as we know it. He had Universal education for everyone in his empire and it’s really the Europeans that saw him as a horrible conquerer. I recommend reading Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford (add it to Goodreads HERE).

Q: What authors do you recommend?

J. R. Ward and The Black Dagger Brotherhood series if you’re into Paranormal Romance.

If you really like Faeries, read Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever series.

If you like YA, check out Roshani Choski and her two books out, The Star-Touched Queen and A Crown of Wishes.

(click on the above titles to go to the Goodreads page!)

Thank you guys for reading my BRIEF summary of the question session. I probably left a few questions out of my notes because I was scribbling madly. Let me know if you have any questions/anything is unclear and I will try and clarify!

You can view my full review of A Court of Wings and Ruin HERE (the first part is spoiler-free!).

If you love the series as much as I do, check out some of my Maas inspired bracelets on my Etsy Shop!

As always, thanks for reading!


A Court of Wings and Ruin Review

31451174A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Published: May 2, 2017

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses #3

Rating: 5/5

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit—and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords—and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

Sarah J. Maas’  does it again with A Court of Wings and Ruin. I was wary going into this book, because this is the first Maas “ending” that readers have experienced. Ending is in quotation marks because, without giving anything away, it doesn’t wrap up all the storylines. Yes, the major plot that has been building for the past three books has been completed, but so many other characters have stories that are left hanging.

Don’t get me wrong, this story was an absolutely wonderful conclusion to an amazing trilogy about Feyre Archeron. I absolutely loved this book and all the action, adventure, and friendships that are jam-packed into it. But…all the other characters we have grown to love throughout the series are kind of left out to dry. I can’t wait for the already announced spin-off series (which will hopefully wrap up those loose ends about all those other characters I have become emotionally invested in).

In short, READ THIS SERIES. IT IS LIFE CHANGING, AND I LOVE IT. But don’t expect to be satisfied by this book if you care about any character other than Feyre. Can I ever be satisfied at the end of a Maas book though? I always want more!




I was so excited to see more of Elain Archeron, who is one of the characters I find most intriguing. As a hardcore shipper of Elucien, the lack of coupling of the two throughout the book was disappointing, especially because they seem to misunderstand each other so much. I feel like there was a lot of hinting at Lucien getting his own book in the spin-offs however, which I hope and pray for. In my eyes, Lucien is one of the most misunderstood characters in the series, and I’m excited to see more of his journey. The new human queen, Vassa, is also very intriguing and seems like she will play a big role in the stories to come.

My next favorite pairing, Nesta Archeron and Cassian did not get any sort of conclusion either.From watching previous interviews, I know that this couple is also one of Maas’ favorites, so likely a book or two (or three?) will be dedicated to their story. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR ALL THESE DIFFERENT BOOKS?

I was excited to learn more about Mor, but again I feel like another book needs to be written about her story; both a backstory and a some kind of resolution for her future. Going into ACOWAR, I really thought that Moren was going to happen, it seems Amren and Varian are going to get a happy ending. Amren and Varian were cute together throughout, and they both deserve their happy endings.

And while this may sound a little strange, because I didn’t want ANYONE to die, the fact that no major character did really surprised me. *SPOILER FOR CROOKED KINGDOM* Maybe Leigh Bardugo crushed all my hopes and dreams of everyone making it out alive.

While Feyre and Rhys’ stories did wrap up well, Sarah still has a LOT of writing to do for me to be satisfied with the characters in this series. I’m looking forward to seeing Feyrhys as cameos in future stories (and their children?), but EVERYONE ELSE needs their own endings!

Still a 5/5 stars, as I believe all Maas books are. I can’t wait to reread to analyze all the characters more!

In other news…

I will be seeing Sarah J. Maas in Baltimore on Thursday and will hopefully be posting a summary of her Q&A session for this interested, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading,


Hello Again! New product!

I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve posted! School has gotten really crazy, and while my reading speed hasn’t really slowed down much, I’ve been a lot less inclined to spend what time I have writing reviews. Never fear! With summer around the corner and no internship to speak of I’ll have a lot more time on my hands to share my thoughts on books (and let’s be honest, all I want to do all summer is read).

*spoiler ahead if you haven’t read the series*

A Court of Wings and Ruin, the conclusion of one of my favorite series came out a week ago! I absolutely loved it, and will be posting a review soon, but in the meantime a new A Court of Thorns and Roses inspired item is available in my shop!

Even though more stories are to come in the wonderful world of Prythian, I am sad to see everyone’s favorite High Lady go.

What series were you sad to see end?


Throne of Glass Book Tag

Hello everyone!

I am still reeling from all of the feels that Empire of Storm inspired in me, and have not really had time to do blog posts. However, I will break that slump today! I have been tagged but the lovely MassachussetsNovel to do the Throne of Glass Book Tag!

Lysandra | A book with a cover change you loved


I know that many people enjoyed the original covers of the Arcana Chronicles series, but I just absolutely love the new covers, without people. They are so much more colorful and while the cover males weren’t bad looking, they just weren’t what I pictured the characters looking as.


Abraxos | A book that’s better on the inside than it looks on the outside


When I first picked up Dragonfly (by Julia Golding) at the library, there wasn’t a creepy face shadow in the background (at least that I saw).I was slightly put out at first by the sparkly brooch on the cover, especially as the description inside was geared toward the YA fantasy genre. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the story of a princess from a far away kingdom who fights to free people of an oppressed nation.


Erilea | A series with great world building


I have still not finished the Grisha trilogy, much to the chagrin of of my friends (because I insist on finishing it before Six of Crows), but I absolutely love the world that Bardugo has created. The entire system of the “small science” mixed in with a war-torn nation makes for an enchanting and wonderful read.



Rifthold | A book that combines genres


While a combination of Science Fiction and Romance is not exactly a ground-breaking combination, I do believe that this book successfully blends the two. Plus I love the series and author and wanted it to have a place on this list. I absolutely love the aliens of Obsidian and this was one of my introductions into the science fiction realm of YA, before the 5th wave released. Without this book, I probably wouldn’t have even picked up other YA sci-fi’s, as I preferred the older classics like Dune.

Damaris | A book based on/inspired by a myth or legend


This book is VERY loosely based on the story of Beauty and the Beast, but it is one of my all-time favorite vampire books. This post-apocalyptic story weaves in magic, and lust, and love, into a beautiful story about a young woman (who just wants to bake cinnamon rolls) coming into her powers. I love the heroine, I love the men, and I love how this story isn’t a love story (even though you want it to be).


Kaltain Rompier | A book with an unexpected twist


I absolutely adore the Enclave series by Ann Aguirre. In fact, it is one of the only zombie YA’s that I enjoy (other than Susan Dennard’s Something Strange and Deadly). I really did not see the big twist in this series coming, with the creatures being a little more than they seem. I loved the strong female lead, and the love interest, as well as the change of scene throughout the books. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a survival/zombie/YA love story. (While this sounds like a horrible mix, it works.)

Assassin’s Keep| A book with an unreliable narrator

6185I love the first half of Wuthering Heights. There is just something about a doomed love story that draws me in. However, if you consider the context of the story, the entire thing is being told basically third hand. The Narrator Lockwood is relating what “Nelly” Dean is telling him about a story that happened between three other people. While this absolutely works for the story, I have always wondered what would  change if Catherine had told the story first hand, which leads this to being my pick for unreliable narrator.

Asterin Blackbeak | A book that’s got squad goals

13206900The squad in Winter is so real. All of the characters from the previous novels come together in this bada$$ quest to save the Lunar people from their crazy insane bitch queen. The meshing of all these different parts just makes me wanna sing, because each character so lovable on their own just so wonderfully compliment each other. I can’t. And that is all I will say on this subject.

Terrasen | A book that feels like home

10576365While it may be a little twisted that I consider a world where teenagers are relegated to what amounts to internment camps “home,” I constantly find myself returning to this series whenever I need a good laugh or cry or adventure. This book was admittedly a runner up for the squad goals tag because I just absolutely love all the characters in it. I cannot read through any of the books without shedding a tear or horrifically sobbing, which is the mark of a truly great read.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius | A book with the power to destroy you


I 100% monumentally lost my noodles during this book. Liked the first book in the series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and then this one completely blew it and all my previous expectations out of the water. Maas is wonderful with her character development as well as the realistic-ness of the love and relationships in her books, which is often missing from fantasy and indeed New and Young Adult novels. I cannot wait to see what else this series has in store.

Manon Blackbeak | A book that intimidated you

18116I was initially given the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman as a Christmas gift around 5th grade. Not the individual books, but the giant 1000 page monstrosity that contains all three in one collection in super fine print. Although I had read some pretty thick books, that giant series-in-one scared me a little bit, especially knowing that it was only three books and not the seven books I had in my Jane Austen collection. I really did enjoy them though, and they would be my choice for runner-up on books that changed your view. The thinly veiled religious innuendos in this book made me think about the world and other people’s views in a new light, and led me to a greater understanding of what I believed.

Rowan Whitethorn | A book that makes you swoon

21532133I love Jamie Frasier. He is an awesome, loving, caring, warrior male who would do anything to protect his wife. What else is there to say? Other than Jamie, Outlander is an amazing book filled with so much well-researched historically detailed, which weaves seamlessly into the story and helps the reader perfectly envision the world in which these characters reside. It is also an awesome and steamy show that I love watching.


Chaol Westfall | A book that challenged you to see things differently

409449I was forced to read this book, originally written in 1999 about a post-apartheid Africa. It is written about a sick, disgusting man, who is basically the definition of an unreliable narrator. You end up against every fiber of your being feeling bad for what is happening to said disgusting male, however it does provide a brief (if unreliable) feel as to the trials that certain areas in Africa faced, as well as a new view on white superiority in other nations. While I will never pick up this book again, I do believe that it opened my eyes and made me realize injustices that often go unspoken here and abroad.

Fleetfoot | A book that you received as a gift

16068905This book was given to me by my Sorority Big Maggie (from Massachusettsnovel, link above). It was my second foray into Rainbow Rowell (I had read and enjoyed Carry On before reading Fangirl which I now realize was a little backward) and I absolutely loved the story. I saw so many aspects of my fangirl-self reflected in Cath, and adored the realistic love story between her and Levi. Now I just need to find a Levi.

Eye of Elena | a book you found right when you needed it

16034235Perhaps it is *very* corny to end the Throne of Glass Book Tag with Throne of Glass, but this book really did come to me at the best possible time in my life. Cue 2012 Emily, who was struggling with friendships and sense of self in school, and randomly picked this book up in all of it’s old-ugly-cover glory from the New Release section at the library. This smart-mouthed assassin reminded me that even when you’re beaten down, you can get back up and kick ass, and for that I will always be beholden to Ms. Sardothien and Mrs. Maas. And now I’m getting emotional, but quite honestly I think this book changed my life and made me who I am today.

Thank you so much for reading this very long and time consuming post! And because I don’t have any other blogger friends, I tag you dear and faithful reader. Join me in this hour long quest to share which books relate to the Throne of Glass theme. (but seriously, if you wanna do this feel free to cut some of these out).

Happy reading!



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