New Zealand Adventures!

Sorry for the long delay in posting! The end of the semester got very hectic with all of the bracelet orders, and getting ready for my month abroad! I absolutely love New Zealand, and now that the month is coming to a close I figured I should do a brief post about why experiences.

The group was fortunate to visit different marine reserves throughout New Zealand. We snorkeled at the first declared marine reserve, Goat Island, and saw an amazing variety of wildlife (unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!).

We were also able to see a cultural performance by the Maori people at both the Waitangi Treaty grounds and the village Whakarewarewa. We actually got to sleep inside of a Marae in the village, which was a wonderful experience.

Of course, there was studying included also, as we explored rocky intertidal habitats and learned about the volcanic rock that New Zealand is founded on. While this was learning, we got to do it in some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. We visited Cathedral Cove, which is where the opening Narnia scene in Prince Caspian was filled, and just so happens to be a great example of sea arches and sea stacks. We also got to go to White Island, which is an active volcano (and also the site of some Narnia scenes). There were so many other gorgeous s

But out of all of these great experiences, perhaps the most important one was I GOT TO GO TO HOBBITON!!! That’s right I fulfilled my lifelong dream of visiting the land of the hobbits, and even found this cool ring as a souvenir ;).

Had the best month of my life! I am very excited about reopening my shop though! I missed making bracelets while I was away, so stick around for the reopening Sunday (there may be a little sale going on if you follow me on the blog or insta ;))

Thanks for reading!


2016 Reflection

A lot of things have happened this year, and despite the deaths of numerous favorite celebrities, this year has been a good one.

From Pokemon Go, to the discovery of the music from Hamilton, this year has been a whirlwind of experiences. I have made so many new friends, and grown closer to old ones. This fall I learned the basics of Scottish Country Dance, and somehow became the president-in-training of the subsequent club.

This spring, I joined a sisterhood and met an entire new family, which I cannot imagine functioning without. My Harry Potter Fam is one of the standouts of this year, and I absolutely love and would do anything for ANY of them. I have never met a more inclusive and loving group of people <3. I have a Big and GBig, who are now some of my best friends and whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I also have an amazing Little, who I can’t wait to explore 2017 with.

In August, I officially started my Etsy shop and I can’t believe how popular it has become! I am so grateful and amazed that I was able to turn a hobby into such a business (even though it will probably give me a headache around tax season).

I am currently pursuing degrees that I find interesting and challenging. Although school is tough, I really enjoy Biochemistry, and can’t wait to see where my interests lead me. I’ve made so many friends through my major, and can’t imagine getting through some of my classes without them (Special shoutout to Brittany for the all-night Hamilton cram session that I will probably remember forever). I am also fortunate enough to be kicking off 2017 with a trip to New Zealand, to explore a new country while studying Marine Biology.

This year, I also lost my MomMom, who gave me a love of reading and crafting things. Even though I’ve missed her for a while now, I know that she is looking down on me.

Looking back on this year, I truly see how fortunate and blessed I am to lead the life I’m living, and I can’t wait to take on 2017!



Literary Adventures

Yesterday, I was able to go on an adventure with another Third of The Archeron Sister’s Book Club, Maggie from MassachusettsNovelWe drove a little over a half hour away from our college town into West Grove Pennsylvania to visit a Book Barn run by the Lion’s Club. It was gorgeous inside, with books stacked in makeshift cardboard shelves all throughout the barn.

There was also an adorable barn cat Tom who would walk up to everyone begging to be pet. Outside, we found some hay bales to pose next to, and the turning leaves provided a gorgeous backdrop to our fall day adventure.

Overall a decent hall, with some books that I have already read and loved, and some new ones by some of my favorite authors! Definitely Recommend Lisa Kleypas and J. R. Ward!

As always, thank you for reading! If you wanna learn more about my book club, check out THIS LINK.