Brigid Kemmerer and Breeana Shields Signing at the Christiana Mall

Another weekend and another book signing at my local Barnes and Noble!

Brigid Kemmerer is currently touring for the release of A Heart so Fierce and Broken, the sequel to A Curse So Dark and Lonely, and was joined by Breeana Shields (author of The Bone Charmer).

It was a pretty packed event – all the chairs that were set up were full and there were a few people standing as well.

The Q&A section was lovely, with so many people asking great questions! Most of the room had not yet read A Heart So Fierce and Broken, so any questions answered on that front were very spoiler-free (and didn’t make much sense to me because I haven’t read it yet either). Among the highlights of the talk:

  • Book Three in the Cursebreakers series has a title! But it can’t be shared yet (that is up to the publisher and will hopefully be coming soon).
  • When writing, Brigid has to have music with lyrics, instrumentals just don’t cut it. Breeana is the opposite – she can’t listen to words with lyrics when writing.
  • If they could write for any franchise, Brigid would love to write a Deadpool YA origin story, while Breeana would probably do something out for Harry Potter.
  • A Curse So Dark and Lonely stemmed from a “what if?” idea (which was one of Brigid’s tips for creating story ideas): What if Beauty and the Beast and Groundhog Day were mixed?

And for the writers and authors who are looking to hone their craft and become published, these tidbits were shared:

  • Brigid’s suggestion to young authors interested in writing in multiple genres is to establish yourself in one genre first so that your readers trust you before branching out.
  • Brigid is currently on her third literary agent. If an agent isn’t supporting you in ways you want/need, or is not compatible in another way its okay to switch (and is actually more common than readers may know).

It was another wonderful event, and I’m looking forward to seeing what authors my local BN hosts in the future! Maureen Johnson is going this week (if anyone in the area is interested about this you can learn about the event HERE), but as I haven’t read anything of hers and its during an odd time for me, I probably won’t be going.

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