Moving into a Hobonichi Weeks

I’ve had a long and drawn out planner journey, moving from a bullet journal to an A5 rings to a standard TN to a pocket TN. I haven’t been able to find the perfect size for me before. Enter the Hobonichi weeks, which I found thanks to some TN related posts on Instagram. I am absolutely in love!

The Hobonichi was my first foray into Tomoe River paper and I don’t think I can ever go back. The paper is able to handle watercolor like a champ while also remaining thin and super soft. This does mean that it takes a while for most pens – like gen pens – to completely dry which can cause smearing. I’ve been using Sakura Micron pens in my journal for a while and have had no issues yet on this special paper.

I love how the more that you use the paper, the softer and more crinkly it gets, plus it makes the planner thin portable. So many of my issues with previous planners were because they didn’t fit easily in my purse, but I can fit the weeks in my coat pockets!

The weeks isn’t for everyone because of how small it is, there isn’t a lot of room for larger handwriting, but it fits my little letters perfectly. The week on one side and a grid on the other allows for creativity without requiring an hours long set up (which is about how much time I spent during my brief foray into bullet journaling). There are also around 70 pages of grid paper in the back for any lists, notes or long-term tracking throughout the year.

Overall, I think I’ve made my first step towards achieving planner peace. I’ve only been in the Hobonichi Weeks for about half the year, but I can see myself actually sticking with it for years to come! I’ve already purchased and started setting up a weeks for 2020 (a post on that one hopefully coming later).

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