Easter Book Tag!

I saw that Abbie @ Bone Season of Glass did this tag, and thought it was perfect to do just in time for Good Friday! Feel free to tag yourself!

If you click on the cover image of the book, you can go and read more about it on Goodreads if you’re so inclined.

Rabbits: A book you wish would multiply / have a sequel 


So I’m kind of cheating, because VICIOUS IS GETTING A SEQUEL THIS YEAR, but it was originally supposed to be a standalone. I’m SO EXCITED to read Vengeful this year, and I wish this series would snowball into a trilogy (although Schwab has said it will remain a duology). Also, JUST LOOK at this beautiful new cover (right), although I love the old one as well (left)!!!

Egg – A book that surprised you6449920

Back in the day, when I had more time, I used to troll the “new” section of my local library. I picked Dragonfly by Julia Golding up on a whim and absolutely LOVED it! There’s intrigue and politics and persecution all packaged up in one!

Hunt: A book that was hard for you to get your hands on 


The collector’s edition of The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon was so hard to find! Long story, but my original preorder got canceled and I had to run around on various websites trying to find this because I NEEDED all of my covers to match. There has been a rebranding with white covers, so only the collector editions going forward will match the originals! And I mean, look at that gorgeous Purple!!!

Lambs – A children’s story you still enjoy 


The Chronicles of Narnia is a series that I still love and appreciate. I’ve been hoping to reread them soon! I used my reread as an excuse to buy this lovely wooden bookmark from In The Reads on Etsy.

Spring – A book with a cover that reminds you of spring 


I still haven’t picked up Wild Beauty, but I hope to soon. And doesn’t this cover remind you of spring! Look at all the pretty flowers!

Rising from the dead – A book from a deceased author 


Tolkien is forever my favorite deceased author <3.

Baskets – A book in your wishlist right now 


I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this book, and I really want to check it out!

Candy – A book that is sweet 


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorite sweet contemporary reads!

This tag was so fun and definitely got me in the bookish-spring/Easter spirit!

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