Blank 2018 Bookshelf – Free A5 Printable!

While I don’t always advertise it on here, I absolutely love to journal and plan. It’s so relaxing planning out your weeks and crossing items off! One of my favorite things is finding fun new printables for my Travelers Notebook (TN) and A5 planner.

I recently purchased “book planner” printables for both my journals, and really loved the blank bookshelf I could fill with the books I’ve read! Unfortunately, this layout didn’t come in the A5 size so I took to the internet to find a free printout, and ultimately wasn’t able to for this design. I ended up designing one myself and decided I may as well post it on the blog and share the love!

I’ve created two designs in this PDF, one with just “My 2018 Reads,” and one with this title as well as the months written out. This key can be used to color code what month a book was read if you so desire. I’ve also left a few blank spaces for those people that like drawing in their own little designs.

If you end up using this design, feel free to tag me in any pictures or posts! My Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all @emiesnook as well.

I’m offering this design for free rather than selling it on Etsy as a lot of other people do, so please be courteous (a like and a follow go a long way!). Feel free to use this for personal use, but do not resell or distribute this design as your own. I’ve included my name and blog url in small font in the bottom corner and would greatly appreciate it if you do not alter this. If you’d like to provide a link or share with others, please credit me (Emily from Emie’s Nook) with the original design and/or a link to this post.


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