Boys South of the Mason Dixon Review

34459598Boys South of the Mason Dixon by Abbi Glines

Published: May 15, 2017

Series: South of the Mason Dixon #1

Rating:    2.5/5

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The only thing hotter than the weather South of the Mason Dixon line are the boys. Worn, faded blue jeans, slow Southern drawls, and those naughty moments in the back of pickup trucks a girl never forgets.

Welcome to the world of the Sutton boys.

Five brothers who fight, party, drink a little too much, but more importantly, they love their momma. Nothing can tear them apart… until the girl next door wins more than one of their hearts.

I originally picked up this “book” when it was a serial being published under Glines’ pen name, Effie Vaughn. Because I enjoyed the serial so much (and never got an ending!) I reluctantly bought Boys South of the Mason Dixon, even though I haven’t really liked anything that Glines has put out recently.

Thankfully, this book was only .99 because over 60% of the material was previously published in the serial mentioned above. Although this was very clearly meant to be a continuation of the original storyline, the fact that almost 2/3 of the way through nothing was new was a little frustrating. Especially because this story used to be free on Abbi’s website. This book read like it was written by someone who was on their first few forays into self publishing, rather than a known name in the romance arena.

As for the characters, none of them were really relatable. The main character Dixie made choices very selfishly and seemed to be fixated on the past. She doesn’t really care how her choices effect others around her, although she constantly insists that she does. In fact, her floozy friend seems to regret her damaging actions more. The love interest, Asher, seemed like a two-dimensional F*** boy who peaked in high school. While there is back story on his relationship with Dixie and some of his high school sweethearts, next to nothing is mentioned about what he’s done with himself for three years at college.


Even if a guy is the love of your life, if he ditches you for three years with no explanation, LET HIM GO. Dixie acknowledges multiple times throughout the book that she should move on, then proceeds to do the opposite. This teenage angst is enough to drive the plot for the rest of the book, but then the “BIG TWIST” happens around 86% of the way through. This “big twist” is a near fatal heart condition *gasp* which is a common enough trope in romance and one that has yanked my heart strings on more than one occasion. This was not one of those occasions.

The description of said infirmity reads like the author googled rare heart diseases and copied over the WebMD page. It was especially anti-climactic because two other points of view are randomly added in, seemingly just to point out that her parents love their daughter and love can happen more than once in a lifetime (as in their case). This disaster also manages to magically bring all the brothers together and make them forgive each other for past wrongs that have kept them at odds throughout the book.


Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book and have no desire to keep reading the series. If you’re interested in some good romance, check out Abbi Glines’ earlier works (which I absolutely love). The past three or four books published have not met the quality I saw in some of her original books. If those don’t do it for you either, check out some of my other romance reviews.

As always, thank you for reading!


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